Best Natural Cures for a Yeast Infection-Garlic, Vinegar?

What are the Best Natural Cures For A Yeast Infection? One thing for sure is that natural cures do work and are available to everyone. You can save time, money and embarrassment by treating your yeast infection with simple ingredients you can find right in your home or grocery store.

Vaginal yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a fungus that normally lives in your body. When certain factors are present the yeast becomes a candida overgrowth. This is when the horrible symptoms begin.

You will have extreme itching, burning, a vaginal cheesy white discharge and the area will be sore and red. Urination and any sexual contact will cause additional pain. This is when you usually realize that you have an infection and start to look for a cure.

Now like I said the Best Natural Cures for Yeast Infection are quite easy to come by. Let’s take garlic for instance. Garlic contains a natural antifungal agent. This is exactly what you need considering that a yeast infection is a fungal overgrowth.

You can use the garlic in the form of a paste or use a clove as a type of vaginal suppository. The best time to do this is at night. Just insert the clove into the vagina and go to bed. Remove it in the morning and do the same process for a few nights until the infection is cured.

Other good natural remedies are cider vinegar mixed with water to make a type of douching liquid. You can also wash the external vaginal area with it. Vinegar helps to balance out the vaginal ph so that the candida overgrowth comes back into a normal range.

Yogurt which contains lactobacillus/acidophilus is another way to help your body heal itself and recover from a yeast infection. Eating plain yogurt with active cultures a few times a day and/or applying it to the area of the body affected with the yeast infection will help your body’s bacteria come back into balance. This is what is needed if you want to cure your yeast infection.

Now once you cure your yeast infection you will want to find out what caused it in the first place. Extreme amounts of sugar in your body, taking antibiotics, stress or hormonal changes are all thing that can contribute to developing a yeast infection.

It is especially important to pinpoint the cause if you suffer with chronic yeast infections. Chronic yeast infections are infections that just keep returning or that never seem to go away. Incidentally, some medicines traditionally used to treat yeast infections can lead to these types of chronic and ‘hard to treat’ yeast infections.

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